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I love to create. I live for adventure.

     Artist. Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Nathan Doctor is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a rapidly growing platform for assessing engineering skills used by companies including Apple, Accenture, GE and Berkeley Center for AI. The company also built the free educational community,, where over 1,000,000 software developers train their coding skills.  He is Managing Partner of Synapse Capital, a crypto asset investment firm. As an investor he focuses on projects that are foundational to the ecosystem, and has invested early in many top 50 cryptocurrencies. All of these pursuits stem from Nathan’s understanding of systems design, which is core to his entrepreneurial pursuits and investment approach. Nathan loves adventure, is a photographer and artist, and in the past began a design firm, and a non-profit, which became the subject of his TEDx speech.

    Nathan uses photography as a medium to display the magnificence of our earth’s natural environment and people. It is a way to immortalize the beauty around us and emphasize that which goes unnoticed. As a tool it helps to slow life down, allowing us to see the degree of potentiality surrounding us. He ultimately hopes to inspire respect for the natural world and foreign cultures, encouraging environmental and social consciousness. His photographs have sold in art galleries and into collections internationally. 

     As an artist Nathan loves ink and spraypaint. He addresses themes of dynamism, juxtaposition, and harmony. His work is characterized by dynamic images that often incorporate fluid organic forms, betraying the spontaneity of the process. Each piece allows him to become fully invested in the moment.

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